Galcon 2 Great RTS

Are you for some great multiplayer android game? Then Galcon is back for your wonderful past time, using your iPad or iPhone. In the past it receives great awards and has been entertaining mobile phone gamers.  And the good news for avid fans is that the game has some update.

The main concept of Galcon 2 remains intact from the primary version. As gamers can utilize generated units to beat other players. With each gamers begins, they will be given plenty of bases, and with it they will be given units to conquer bases to be able to expand their bases and to come up with speedy production of units.

Galcon 2 comes in RTS gameplay which lots of us have never experience since it feature from one form or two today. In case you have not played, the first version of Galcon, it was this game that inspires the version of the Galcon latest version. Although it seems like a copy, but still it has its own taste of entertainment and style.

Galcon 2 may be played in a very simple pattern but it has its own style to challenge gamers to play against another player. There is no time to waste when playing the game, you will have to fight in fast-paced matches then you will receive rewards for your advantage. If you compare the past Galcon and Galcon 2 today, you will be having hard time to identify what is their difference. Nonetheless, the good thing is that the game is fully upgraded and can be access easily and you can be in action in a flash. Although there are some minimal advantage to those who have not avail the premium status.

If you are in a premium status you will have a great chance to access custom game, aside from that, the game continues by which you don’t have to wait for few seconds just to begin the matches, since players who want to join can easily ride along quickly. Perhaps you are a night people and you want to play the game in that time, no worries, the game is always open. You may have the chance to join on Galcon’s 2 multiplayer tournaments modes and let’s bring it on.

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